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104 Trade Executive Suites

The executive suites at 104 Trade provide a great atmosphere to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs in a professional office environment, while making sensible use of your company’s money by paying for only what you need when you need it.  For companies that need to downsize from their current offices, the executive suites concept provides an efficient solution to help quickly transition into a new space.

Sharing overhead costs makes sense for any business

For those currently working at home, we offer a few different options:  a Virtual Office at 104 Trade includes a professional business address, a “home office” number with automated receptionist, and upscale offices and conference rooms with state-of-the-art technology to impress your clients; or, if you are ready to move out of the house now, we offer a variety of packages, customizable to best suit your needs.   

And finally, for companies that are growing, but do not want to tie up larger spaces until they need it, an executive suite at 104 Trade provides the flexibility to start small, and with flexible lease terms, grow into the space, all while saving excess overhead costs along the way.  No matter where your company is in life, utilizing the infrastructure and newly renovated offices at 104 Trade will save you time and money, which is better spent building your business rather than building your office.

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